Adobe Flash CS3: Flash Video Development

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT042

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 version.


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Introducing Flash Video (7 topics)

  • Defining streaming
  • Defining digital video
  • Understanding key Flash Video concepts
  • Viewing Flash Video market adoption statistics
  • Examining the streaming video market
  • Identifying key benefits of Flash Video over traditional media
  • Introducing the Flash Communication Server

Building a component based Media Player (7 topics)

  • Understanding the Flash video development workflow
  • Using the Adobe Video Kit to embed Flash Video
  • Building a Media Player with the media components
  • Using behaviours to control media components
  • Binding playback properties and components
  • Building a playlist and video picker
  • Masking videos

Reviewing ActionScript (4 topics)

  • Reviewing ActionScript basics
  • Using ActionScript to control the media components
  • Handling component events
  • Using the setInterval() method

Building a custom Media Player (6 topics)

  • Using the ActionScript classes for streaming
  • Connecting the Flash player to a server
  • Using the embedded video object
  • Controlling and displaying streams
  • Using the Sound class to control audio streams
  • Handling stream events

Encoding Flash Video (4 topics)

  • Understanding the Flash Video (FLV) format
  • Converting to FLV using the Flash Video Encoder
  • Setting In/Out points
  • Encoding Alpha Channel

Optimising video (6 topics)

  • Adjusting digital video properties
  • Getting the best video encoding
  • Optimising encoder settings
  • On2 VP6 vs Sorenson Spark
  • Deinterlacing video
  • Trimming and cropping

Delivering Flash Video (5 topics)

  • Understanding video delivery options
  • Using progressive download
  • Using the Flash Video Streaming Service
  • Streaming Flash video using the Flash Communication Server
  • Tracking FLV?playback

Using Video Cue points (5 topics)

  • Adding Cue Points
  • Cue Point types
  • Adding Cue Point parameters
  • Detecting Cue Points with ActionScript
  • Synchronising a slide presentation

Using live video (6 topics)

  • Introducing live Flash Video
  • Using the live video encoder
  • Setting the live encoder
  • Recording a live stream
  • Playing a live stream
  • Creating bandwidth strategies

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