Communicating Effectively at Work

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The ability to influence others, build relationships, manage conflict and communicate your thoughts effectively are vital skills in today’s working environment.

This course uses a combination of case studies and practical exercises to help you develop the key skills required to communicate your thoughts and views effectively at work.

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The principles of effective communication (2 topics)

  • The difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Why assertive behaviour is vital for communication to be effective

Being assertive and influencing others (9 topics)

  • We will work through a case study which will cover:
  • Changing the way you interact with work colleagues
  • Maximising your influence
  • Stating your views
  • Explaining your reasoning
  • Giving incentives
  • Establishing expectations
  • Using open questions
  • Building common ground

Rights, responsibilities and a positive frame of mind (2 topics)

  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Influencing outcomes by changing your internal frame of mind

Providing feedback (5 topics)

  • How to give constructive feedback
  • Getting more from people you work with
  • Changing the way you are managed
  • Positive means productive
  • Avoiding unneccesary confrontation

Communicating with difficult people (2 topics)

  • Dealing with aggressive or difficult people
  • Developing strategies and techniques for communicating and dealing effectively with difficult situations

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