WAP Applications with WML

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WAP (14 topics)

  • WAP - Wireless Access Protocol
  • The Basis of WAP Technology
  • WAP and Existing Internet Technology
  • WAP and HDML
  • WAP and XML
  • WAP and IP
  • The WAP Stack of Protocols
  • WSP
  • WTP
  • WAP and HTTP
  • Similarities Between WSP, WTP and Internet Protocols
  • Optimisation for use in a Wireless Environment
  • WAE - Wireless Application Environment
  • Wireless Telephony Application Environment - WTAI

The Purpose of WAP (6 topics)

  • WAP and its role in the provision of mobile information
  • The Range of WAP Devices
  • The Potential of WAP:
  • ubiquity
  • in-built billing
  • geographically-related content provision

The Benefits of WAP (3 topics)

  • Benefits from the viewpoint of the service providers.
  • Benefits from the viewpoint of content providers.
  • New business models facilitated through the application of WAP.

WAP Standards (8 topics)

  • WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) v1.2
  • WAP Forum
  • WML (Wireless Mark-up Language)
  • WMLScript
  • WML
  • WML - Wireless Mark-up Language
  • The Relationship Between WML and HTML
  • The Interpretation of WML by the WAP Browser

WML (4 topics)

  • WML - Wireless Mark-up Language
  • The Relationship Between WML and HTML
  • The Relationship Between WML and XML
  • The Interpretation of WML by the WAP Browser

The WAP Browser (2 topics)

  • WAP Browsers - Micro-browsers
  • The Micro-browser capability

WMLScript (4 topics)

  • WMLScript
  • The Similarities Between WMLScript and ECMAScript
  • The Differences Between WMLScript and ECMAScript
  • The Limitations of WMLScript

WMLScript and Client-side Validation (1 topic)

  • A comparison between Web page client-side validation and mobile device client-side validation.

WML "Page" Structure (13 topics)

  • WML Documents - "Decks"
  • The Relationship Between Decks and Cards
  • WML Syntax
  • The Relationship Between WML and XML Syntax
  • WML and DTDs
  • WML Templates
  • WML Architecture
  • Navigating Using the "Mobile Browser"
  • The Role of Soft Keys on the Mobile Browser
  • The Principle WML Elements and Tags
  • WML and Anchors
  • WML and Variables
  • WML and User Input

Writing Applications for WAP Devices (4 topics)

  • Important Differences Between Development Environments and Mobile Phones
  • WAP Emulators
  • The Mobile Display as the Browser
  • Testing Applications on as many WAP Devices as possible

Connecting WAP Devices to the Internet (3 topics)

  • WAP Device IP Stack
  • WAP and PPP
  • WAP Gateways

Internet-based WAP Services (7 topics)

  • The WAP Application Environment - WAE
  • Microbrowsers
  • Scripting Facilities
  • Email
  • WWW via Mobile Handsets
  • WWW-to-mobile-handset-messaging
  • Mobile to Telefax Access

WAP Development Toolkits (7 topics)

  • WAP SDKs - Software Development Kits:
  • Ericsson's WAPSIDE SDK
  • Nokia WAP Developer Toolkit
  • Motorola Mobile Internet eXchange
  • Mobile Application Development Kit
  • Dynamic System Research's WAP Developer Toolkit
  • (Note - this list is not exhaustive)

Building WAP Applications (9 topics)

  • WAP and Server Technologies
  • WAP and the Client-side
  • Creating Dynamic WAP Applications
  • WAP and Prototyping with HTML Applications
  • WAP and ASP
  • WAP and XML Servers
  • WAP and Java
  • WAP and JSP
  • WAP and Java servlets

Leveraging Existing Content for WAP Applications (5 topics)

  • The Role of XSL Transformations in Leveraging Existing Content to WAP Devices
  • XSLT and the Transformation of XML tags into device-specific WML
  • Java Technology and XML - "Portable data - portable code"
  • Java Technology and WML
  • Utilising Java Technologies with WAP/WML

Debugging WAP Applications (5 topics)

  • Using the available WAP debugging tools
  • Displaying badly constructed WML pages
  • Displaying WML errors
  • Understanding WML errors
  • Relating WML errors to WML and XML syntax

WAP Service Providers (1 topic)

  • A survey of the range of WAP service providers.

Existing WAP Applications (2 topics)

  • A survey of the range of existing WAP applications.
  • An examination of the business model within selected case studies.

The Future for WAP (12 topics)

  • Advances in WAP development tools
  • The Importance of WAP for Internet Service Providers
  • The Importance of WAP for Content Providers
  • The Importance of WAP for Internet Developers
  • The Future of Wireless Broadband Local Access
  • Ongoing WAP Development Issues
  • WAP Devices and Cookies
  • Critical Differences Between Existing WAP Devices
  • Third Generation Mobile Phones
  • Vendor Positions with Respect to WAP and WAP Devices
  • Major Vendor Initiative
  • Major Vendor Alliances

Web-based Resources Concerning WAP (3 topics)

  • WAP Forum
  • WAPMine and WAPPage
  • Others

The Business of WAP (5 topics)

  • Uptake Statistics
  • Potential Future Market Scale
  • Current Growth Indicators
  • Current WAP Applications
  • Future WAP Application


An understanding of mobile technologies.

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