M8404: Navision V4.0 Installation and Configuration

2 Day Course
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This two-day course is designed for students who are preparing to complete the installation and configuration of Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision. The course primarily provides explanation of the databases and servers associated with Microsoft Navision, client hardware and software requirements, and various database administrative tasks.

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Hardware and Software Requirements (3 topics)

  • Choosing the Installation Type and Equipment
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • 2 Tier and n-Tier Solutions

Microsoft Navision Architecture (3 topics)

  • The Microsoft Navision Client/Server Environment
  • The Server Options
  • The Microsoft Navision Security Model

Microsoft Navision Client Installation (6 topics)

  • Installing, Maintaining, and Removing Single-Users and Clients
  • System Setup
  • Single-User and Client Setup Properties
  • Setting the Program Properties
  • Working with Databases
  • License Files

Microsoft Navision Database Server (8 topics)

  • Installing a Microsoft Navision Database Server
  • Importing a Database into Microsoft Navision Database Server
  • Running more than one Server
  • System Setup
  • Single-User and Client Setup Properties
  • Microsoft Navision Database Server and Setup Properties
  • Setting the Program Properties
  • Working with Databases

Microsoft Navision SQL Server Option (6 topics)

  • Server Considerations
  • Installing Clients
  • System Setup
  • Working with Databases
  • Creating and Maintaining Databases
  • Security and User Setup

Microsoft Navision Application Server (NAS) (3 topics)

  • Getting Started with NAS
  • NAS Setup
  • Microsoft Navision Automated Data Capture System (ACDS)

Microsoft Navision ODBC Driver (5 topics)

  • Terminology
  • ODBC Driver Functionality
  • Data Types
  • Multilanguage Functionality
  • SQL Statement Reference Guide

Microsoft Navision Security (6 topics)

  • Authentication in Microsoft Navision
  • Active Directory Service Security
  • Logins, Roles, and Permissions
  • Applying Security Filters in SQL
  • User Specific Setups
  • Additional Security Features

Basic Customizations (8 topics)

  • MenuSuite Fundamentals
  • The Navigation Pane
  • Navigation Pane Design
  • Personalizing the Navigation Pane
  • Shortcuts Menu
  • Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects
  • Exporting a MenuSuite Object
  • How Upgrades Affect New Menus


Before attending this course, it is highly recommended that students have: - A strong understanding of Clients and Servers - A strong understanding of Microsoft SQL Server - In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students understand: The Microsoft Navision development environment

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