M8399: FRx 6.7 Report Design Essentials I

2 Day Course
Code M8399

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Overview and Introduction (4 topics)

  • About FRx Software products
  • Terminology
  • Demo company account structure
  • Sample report demonstration

Creating a Trial Balance (11 topics)

  • Using the "Add Rows from Chart of Accounts" feature to automatically populate the row format with account numbers and descriptions
  • Using wildcards or ranges to summarize data
  • Using the Normal Balance field and how C's affect the account presentation
  • Using underscores and totals
  • Using Header Codes to automatically update column headers each month
  • Use of the BASE Period and Year in the Column Layout to ease maintenance
  • Setting the Report Date to an option that automatically progress through the year for ease of report maintenance
  • Defining a detail level in the catalog
  • Introduce the default Formatting options
  • Using existing building blocks to speed setup time
  • Using the View, Subtotals function in the DrillDown Viewer

Creating an Income Statement (6 topics)

  • Using the Add Rows from Chart of Accounts function to quickly create a basic template
  • How proper placement of C's in the Account Balance column of the Row Format will flip the balance of an account for presentation
  • How the presentation of the accounts included determine the math for related TOT or CAL formulas
  • How to use a Special Format Mask on a row formula to determine display
  • Using system defined or custom fonts for emphasis
  • Working with rounding options

Reporting Trees (11 topics)

  • Characters used with Add Reporting Units
  • Segment hierarchy
  • Defining a segment range
  • Adding custom units to a tree
  • The default Reporting Tree
  • Relating Reporting Trees to Row Formats
  • How trees define multiple reports in a single catalog
  • Using check rows to insure all accounts are included
  • Rounding options and how they relate to calculations
  • How to relate description or underscore rows to other rows
  • Exception reports and how they work

Review (2 topics)

  • Review basic report design concepts
  • What's Wrong?

More on Reporting Trees (6 topics)

  • How to create a Column Layout based on current and prior results
  • Defining unit hierarchy when building a Reporting Tree
  • How to split a segment to create a virtual segment in trees
  • Adding custom units to a tree
  • Generating specific tree units
  • Using header and footer codes


Before attending this course, students must have: - General knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® - Basic knowledge of accounting principles

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