M8390: Navision V4.0 Inventory Management

2 Day Course
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Please note: This course concentrates on the software features and functionality of Microsoft Navision related to Inventory Management. It is not intended to teach consultancy of Business Processes or the planning and decision making steps required during an industry deployment of Microsoft Navision

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Inventory Management – Overview (3 topics)

  • Inventory Availability
  • Reservations
  • Order Tracking

Multiple Locations (3 topics)

  • Setting Up a Company with Multiple Locations
  • Selling and Purchasing in a Company with Multiple Locations
  • Controlling Inventory at Multiple Locations

Location Transfers (3 topics)

  • Setting up Transfers
  • Transferring Items between Locations
  • Viewing Items in Transit

Warehousing (5 topics)

  • Setting up Warehousing
  • Receiving and Putting Away
  • Picking and Shipping
  • Movements and Adjustments
  • Physical Inventory

Item Tracking (5 topics)

  • Setting up Item Tracking
  • Handling Items with Serial and Lot Numbers
  • Tracking Items with Serial and Lot Numbers
  • Handling and Tracking Items with Warranty and Expiration
  • Transferring Items with Serial and Lot Numbers


Before attending this course, students must have: - Successfully passed the Attain Overview test, or have equivalent experience with Navision Attain (Financials) application. - Successfully passed the Attain Essentials test. - A background in distribution or logistics.

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