M8357: Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision 4.0 Fixed Assets

1 Day Course
Code M8357

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Business Solutions Training Courses.


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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Fixed Assets and the curriculum
  • Installing Microsoft Navision

Setting up Fixed Assets (5 topics)

  • Fixed Assets Overview in Microsoft Navision
  • Setting up Fixed Assets in Microsoft Navision
  • Making Duplicate Entries
  • Copying Fixed Assets and FA Ledger Entries

Fixed Asset Transactions (11 topics)

  • Journals for Fixed Assets in Microsoft Navision
  • Purchasing Fixed Assets
  • Calculating and Posting Depreciation
  • Write-Down, Appreciation and Disposal of Fixed Assets
  • Correcting Entries
  • Documenting Fixed Asset Transactions
  • Fixed Asset Reports
  • Budgeting Fixed Asset Transactions
  • Cost-Accounting Depreciation
  • Indexation
  • Minor Assets

Fixed Asset Reclassifications (4 topics)

  • Asset Transfers in Microsoft Navision
  • Splitting Fixed Assets
  • Partial Disposal of an Asset
  • Combining Assets

Fixed Asset Maintenance (3 topics)

  • Setting Up Maintenance Information in Microsoft Navision
  • Maintenance Registration and Costs
  • Maintenance Cost Reporting

Fixed Asset Insurance (5 topics)

  • Setting Up Insurance Information in Microsoft Navision
  • Assigning Assets to Insurance Policies
  • Monitoring Insurance Coverage
  • Updating Insurance Information
  • Indexing Insurances


Before attending this course, students must have: - General knowledge of Windows - Completed the Microsoft Navision Financial Management Training - Basic knowledge of Fixed Assets and accounting principles

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