M8333: Axapta 3.0 Sales

3 Day Course
Code M8333

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Business Solutions Training Courses.


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Overview (9 topics)

  • Sales Strategy
  • Introducing Microsoft Axapta
  • The Microsoft Axapta Demonstration
  • Microsoft Axapta Sales Strategies
  • Successful Sales are all about Information
  • Best Fit Criteria
  • Target Market
  • TCO Sales Strategy
  • Microsoft Axapta Sales Hints and Tips

Microsoft Axapta Menu Interface (6 topics)

  • Certified Windows Application
  • Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Data
  • Go To Main Table
  • Form Manipulation
  • Menu System
  • Help System

Presenting Microsoft Axapta’s Technology Features (8 topics)

  • Version Layer Technology and Extended Data Types
  • Integrated Developer Environment
  • Form Designer and Menu Designer
  • Data Reporting
  • Application Object Server
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Integrated Database Interface
  • Base ENUMS

Presenting Microsoft Axapta’s Supply Chain Management Features (7 topics)

  • Supply Chain Management and Connectivity
  • Presenting to Make to Stock Manufacturers
  • Presenting to Make to Order Manufacturers
  • Presenting to Configure to Order Manufacturers
  • Presenting to Engineer to Order Manufacturers
  • Presenting to the Distribution Chain
  • Presenting Microsoft Axapta's Supply Chain Features

Presenting Sales Strategies for some of Microsoft Axapta’s Modules (5 topics)

  • Project Module
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Intercompany Module
  • Product Builder
  • Customer Relationship Module


Before attending this course, students must have: - An understanding of the ERP market space In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: - The Microsoft Axapta Introduction course

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