Onsite Training

Onsite training offers a number of benefits that improves the quality of any learning solution and also lowers the cost. Although called 'onsite', these solutions can be delivered at off-site locations, with any required equipment installed.

Our approach to onsite training takes you through a unique six-step process from the first meeting to the post course training review.

Our customers know this method maximises their training investment, giving staff the skills they need to succeed within their day-to-day roles.

  1. PartnershipLong-term relationships begin with detailed briefings that enable us to fully understand your training aims.
  2. AnalysisA combination of structured questionnaires and facilitated meetings are used to understand your exact needs. Team and behavioural profiling can be used to ensure the right people are developed and to identify promotion and recruitment opportunities.
  3. ProposalOur proposal is based strictly on the results of the analysis phase, targeting the areas where additional skills are required.
  4. ProductionTraining notes, case studies and exercises are developed to fully reflect your needs and working environment.
  5. ProgramAt your offices or off-site, our consultants will conduct exciting industry based courses in a style that matches the needs of the group. We'll look after the details so your staff can maximise their learning potential.
  6. ReviewThe ongoing success of your training programme is our priority. Every course is reviewed on completion. A tracking programme is used to ensure you continue to benefit from your training investment.

Our onsite training solutions are focused solely on your requirements and staff, offering the opportunity to customise the delivery, concentrating on areas of most importance. With unnecessary material removed, the solution remains engaging, and directly relevant to skills gap it is addressing.

To enable this our training materials have been designed in a modular format, allowing you to 'pick and mix' various modules to arrive at a customised, highly relevant solution focused entirely on your requirements.

Because the solution belongs to you, we can ensure that we develop training programmes using lecturers of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to build partnerships with one or more of our lecturer faculties. Benefits of a long-term relationship mean that lecturers understand and work with your systems and staff becoming a virtual team member. This approach engenders a more proficient understanding of your aims and ideas, creating greater efficiency.

By holding the training at your site, you can make significant savings by avoiding travel and hotel accommodation fees. In many cases up to 40% extra costs are incurred when staff attend external courses. What could you do with 40% more training budget?

Perpetual Solutions own internal cost structures offer further unique value. Our focus on onsite training allows us to avoid the costs associated with supporting city centre training locations, and large-scale marketing campaigns to fill course places on a public schedule.

We use these cost savings in two ways:

  • We pass lower prices directly onto you.
  • We invest in the quality of our research, lecturers and materials, raising the quality of your training solution.

Many organisations, although recognising the benefits of a focused onsite training solution, are unable to provide a training facility for delivery. We have developed a Location Search service, utilising a network of hotel and conference suites, through which we can provide a location close to your site.

Perpetual Solutions has proven experience in delivering learning solutions to large multi national organisations. This experience allows us to develop and deliver programmes that can be transported to wherever they are required, across different territories, countries and continents.

This allows you to protect the consistency of development, delivery and support of any learning solution. Standardising skill sets across different global teams leads to greater internal communication and understanding, increasing the efficiency of your business.

We are also able to provide certain local language deliveries for the standardised course contents, and even using one of our multi lingual lecturers in some cases! If this is of interest to you and your organisation please contact us for further details.