E-learning offers a unique method to train large numbers of staff in a highly cost effective manner. However it is not a suitable delivery medium for all training.

Any E-learning programme needs to be very clear on what it is trying to achieve. Much of the bad press surrounding E-learning has arisen because products have been wrongly identified for the purpose in hand. Within blended solutions, the weight between different delivery media must be carefully balanced to reflect the aims of the programme to ensure it's success.

Many companies when embarking on a move toward E-learning solutions seek to bring in expert advice from consultancies. However this approach must be handled carefully as not all organisations offering these services are independent. Consultancies all tend to have a dominant alliance with a major provider, which will often mean you're pushed into a particular range of products.

As a distributor with many different product lines, from a number of partners, Perpetual Solutions is able to offer a choice of solution and unbiased information on the strengths and benefits of each product set.

We also offer structured consultancy to enable E-learning and blended learning solutions. This will help you to answer all questions related to any programme you may be thinking about implementing and identify the correct path to take.

As the identification of any E-learning solution is an in depth process, we encourage you to call us and discuss in detail the solution you require.