Perpetual Solutions provides our customers with manageable and practical solutions to improve training effectiveness and at the same time reduce training-associated costs and contribute to minimising staff turnover. By taking a collaborative approach and forming long-term relationships with our customers, we develop a deep understanding of training needs that enables us to repeatedly satisfy requirements.

We regularly help customers with all aspects of the training cycle and our consultants are well versed in all aspects of this cycle.


An independent impartial TNA is a sound investment for any training department, helping to ensure that the training investment you are about to make will produce the maximum results.

Perpetual Solutions consultancy service will also ensure that your staff are aware that their input into the training is vital at the every stage. Our aim is to design a program for each person's specific needs, which supports their job role and ensures they remain motivated, thus helping you to maximise the return on your investment. The TNA is a two-stage process:

  1. InterviewsAssessed manually. Usually taking an average 20 - 30 minutes per person.
  2. QuestionnaireThis can be done in a paper-based format or electronically and allows us to gather specific technical details.

We will then analyse the information and report to you on what the needs of the organisation are. Together with your input we can then formulate a plan for the year and ensure you receive the resource at the best possible prices.

In addition to our training services we also offer associated advisory services that utilise the skills of our consultants to help with projects where you don't have the expertise within your own organisation. This can be anything from simple hand holding through to ensuring the seamless integration of a new software system.

For instance, training requirements often arise through a move to a new software version, or hardware system. Often the initial installation of this system can be complicated, and there is little knowledge within the organisation to enable implementation.

In situations like these we are able to offer our consultants as virtual team members. Through their specialist skills and expert knowledge of the product, we can attend your site and advise on the best implementation, giving you access to skills and knowledge that would take years to accumulate internally. This is turn will save you time in the implementation stage, and also enable your staff to be deployed elsewhere, to full effect.