Oracle Java SE8 Programmer Certified Professional (OCP)

Take your Java career to the next level with a Java SE 8 Programmer Certified Professional credential.

  • 97% of enterprise desktops run Java
  • 89% of desktops (or computers) in the U.S. run Java
  • 9 million Java Developers worldwide
  • #1 choice for developers
  • #1 development platform
  • 3 billion mobile phones run Java
  • 100% of Blu-ray disc players ship with Java
  • 5 billion Java cards in use
  • 125 million TV devices run Java
  • 5 of the top 5 original equipment manufacturers ship Java ME

You have advanced level programming skills in Java, now take full advantage of new features in Java SE 8, the most significantly updated version of Java yet.

Improve code clarity and increase performance using lambda and parallel streams. Greatly reduce development time and gain greater flexibility in your programming. Java SE 8 significantly changes the way Java programmers write code. Earning a Java SE 8 Certification gives you the tools to make the most of the new features within Java SE 8.

Earning this certification helps you cultivate in demand Java programming skills that will serve you well in a competitive job market.

  • Java SE: Programming II

    This 5-day course covers the core language application programming interfaces that are used to design object-oriented applications with Java.

    5 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code OCJSEPII
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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