MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional

The MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional is the first vendor neutral, ISO-level exam that validates individual knowledge and skills in the planning, building and operating domains of SDN and NFV based networks.

The MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional is a new, vendor-neutral certification for today's modern, software-centric network world, MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional validates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, deploy, and operate a complete range of solutions in the highly-related SDN & NFV technologies.  These are precisely the skills that are companies seeking for empowering today's software-driven advanced networks. In order to create this certification, experts around the world from both MEF and partner organizations gathered to identify the key skills required to thrive in these technical domains, the result of which is the first comprehensive accreditation or technical competence in SDN and NFV.

MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV and the MEF Professional Certification Framework

MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV is positioned as a professional level, specialization certification within the MEF Professional Certification Framework.  Earning three certifications within the MEF Professional Certification Framework including: MEF-NF, MEF-CECP and MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV, earns industry professionals the coveted MEF NETWORK EXPERT status.

This certification exam presupposes foundational knowledge in networking practices, which can be validated by the introductory, concept-level MEF Networking Foundations (MEF-NF) certification exam.

Candidates and Companies That Should Consider MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV

Technical network professionals involved in any or all aspects of advanced network and service planning, design, implementation, technical sales and operations are all candidates for MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV including:

  • Network Strategy Professionals
  • Network Architects and Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Technical Sales and Pre-sales Engineers
  • Product and Service Support Technicians
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Standards Specialists
  • Network/System Consultants and Integrators
  • Network Operations and Support Staff
  • Technical Trainers

Companies to benefit by training and certifying their employees to MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV include:

  • Communications and Cloud Service Providers planning software-defined and virtualized networks and services
  • Large Enterprises with digital transformation strategies
  • Technology Solution Providers with software-defined and virtualized capabilities
  • System Integrators and Consultants delivering automated, virtualized, multi-vendor solutions to enterprises and SPs

MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV​ Certification Benefits

Benefits to Individuals

  • Showcase your vendor-neutral SDN/NFV certified skills globally as SDN & NFV continue as the hottest areas of networking technologies today
  • In this rapidly evolving digital, network-centric economy, differentiate your skills from peers that do not embrace this rate of change
  • SDN & NFV are skills that are in the highest demand by employers today - enhance your career opportunities internally and externally
  • Connect to the global MEF Community having 200+ member companies and 6000+ certified professionals in 85 countries

Benefits to Companies

  • Transition your work force from legacy to leading edge - MEF-ATPs are offering training and certification bundles to take you SDN and NFV professionals to another level
  • Evaluate and validate your existing SME capabilities - certify and if necessary, update skills with the necessary training
  • Attract the best and the brightest by offering MEF training and certifications
  • Improve candidate screening and differentiation: MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV is a technically challenging exam that speaks volumes to the capabilities of the certified professional

Delivery Options for MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Training and Exam

Virtual Public Training Schedule: The Public Training Schedule has dates available globally, please view available dates here.

Onsite training: Perpetual Solutions can deliver MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Training and Examination at your company offices or, if you have no training facility onsite, at a third party venue in your city. Onsite training is available globally and is ideal for groups of four or more people. If you have a group of colleagues requiring this program, please send us an enquiry or call to discuss your needs.

The Future

Perpetual Solutions offer more than the average training provider. We are with you for the long term, providing multi-level, multi-technology training programs at the same high level as our MEF-NF training. We have delivered multi-product training programs to customers who have taken our MEF-NF training, covering topics such as OTN (Optical Transport Networks), LTE, Mobile Backhaul, MPLS and SDN/NFV. With over 2000 courses to choose from, we aim to be your knowledge partner of choice over the long term.

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