MEF-CECP (Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional)

The revised MEF-CECP certification delivers knowledge on MEF CE 2.0 services, plus updated with key new components of the MEF's Carrier Ethernet 3.0 standard and covers Exam Blueprint D which is the latest exam blueprint. The latest topics can be reviewed here: PDN043 Carrier Ethernet Services Explained modules

Perpetual Solutions was one of the first training providers to be awarded MEF-ATP status (Accredited Training Provider) and is committed to providing first rate training to the MEF-CECPs of the future. We have helped more than 700 professionals to gain this specialist certification. Our Carrier Ethernet Services Explained and MEF-CECP Fast Track Recertification courses take candidates beyond merely passing the MEF-CECP exam and equips them with real knowledge and skills they can apply in the workplace.

To ensure that as many candidates as possible pass the exam first time, we provide a unique range of prequalification and foundation learning solutions. In addition, we also offer a free place to re-sit the exam should anyone fail to pass the exam first time. Read on to find out more…

Getting MEF-CECP Certified

Successfully completing the MEF-CECP exam demonstrates first class understanding of Carrier Ethernet and MEF standards.

Carrier Ethernet Services Explained is a 4-day course that will give you both the skills to support your day to day work in this exciting industry and the knowledge required to pass the MEF-CECP exam. In addition to 4 days comprehensive training, we also offer half day specialist revision with group exercises and full practice exam of 80 questions. The official MEF-CECP exam can then be taken during the afternoon following the revision session or at a date of your choosing in the following weeks.

MEF-CECP Recertification

If you have already gained your MEF-CECP certification but time is coming to keep your career up to speed and recertify (exams expire 3yrs from certification date) we have a 3-day MEF-CECP Fast Track Recertification program for you. We also offer a half-day specialist revision with group exercises and full practice exam of 80 questions. The official MEF-CECP recertification exam can then be taken during the afternoon following the revision session or at a date of your choosing in the following weeks.

Are You Ready for MEF-CECP?

Candidates who want to take our Carrier Ethernet Services Explained Course and the MEF-CECP exam require a good understanding of IP, WAN and Next Generation Network principles.

Other course providers prepare candidates purely for the exam, without taking into consideration the dividends a deeper body of knowledge around carrier Ethernet and associated technology can provide to an individual and their organisation. We understand it’s not just about passing an exam, but giving candidates the opportunity to prove their worth by demonstrating a first-class understanding of the relevant technology.

As an experienced provider of multi-level training programs to service providers and vendors around the world, we understand these differences and offer a comprehensive program which offers more than simply the knowledge to pass the MEF-CECP exam. 

Our program reflects the reality that people benefit from a wider understanding of associated technologies, helping them not only to prepare for the exam but to improve productivity and communication between teams in their day-to-day roles.

Taking our MEF-CECP pre-course skills assessment (20 mins) is a great way to quickly find out what your current knowledge level is and whether you are suitable to take the MEF-CECP course and exam.

If the assessment identifies gaps in your knowledge, Perpetual Solutions provides a range of online self-paced modules which are bundled free of charge with your MEF-CECP learning package. These modules are designed to give you the required level of fundamental knowledge in:

  • IP & Transport Layer Technologies
  • Ethernet Principles for the LAN Environment
  • Layer 1 Transport Technologies
  • Layer 2 Transport Technologies
  • Layer 2.5 Transport Technologies
  • Access Technologies 

Delivery Options for MEF-CECP Training and Exam

Public Classroom or Virtual Training Schedule: The Public Training & Virtual Training Schedule has dates available globally, please view available dates here.

Onsite location or group virtual training: Perpetual Solutions can deliver MEF-CECP Training and Examination at your company offices or, if you have no training facility onsite, at a third party venue in your city. We can also deliver group events virtually which can be very attractive for groups that are in different cities or countries. Onsite or group virtual training is available globally and is ideal for four or more people. If you have a group of colleagues requiring this program, please send us an enquiry or call to discuss your needs.

The Future

Perpetual Solutions offer more than the average training provider. We are with you for the long term, providing multi-level, multi-technology training programs at the same high level as our MEF-CECP training. We have delivered multi-product training programs to customers who have taken our MEF-CECP training, covering topics such as SD-WAN, SDN/NFV, OTN (Optical Transport Networks), 5G, Mobile Backhaul, MPLS, IoT, and more. With over 2000 courses to choose from, we aim to be your knowledge partner of choice over the long term.

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