VMware vSphere Certified Professional

The VMware Certified Professional Program is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in virtual infrastructure and increase the potential for career advancement.

The high standards expected of a VCP means it’s one of the most sought after certifications in the industry. Become a VCP to:

  • Demonstrate your VMware software technical expertise to your customers
  • Increase customer confidence levels
  • Display the VMware Certified Professional logo on your business card or website

VMware are rolling out new VCP upgrade paths to promote vSphere 5 training as a way to upgrade from VCP 3 to VCP 5.  Listed below are the key points on the new upgrade paths:

  • VCP 3's can take the What’s New 5 ILT to qualify to take the VCP 5 exam.
  • Upgrade path is valid until Feb 29th, 2012.
  • After Feb 29th, VCP 3's will have to take ICM 5 to qualify for the VCP 5 exam.
  • Students in What’s New 5 ILT classes will receive access to the What’s New 4 eLearning to assist them in transition to vSphere 5.
  • Students do not have to take the eLearning course to qualify for the upgrade path.
  • Students who have taken a VCP 4 qualifying course, can attend the WN 5 ILT to satisfy the VCP 5 training requirement.

The upgrade path involving taking WN 4 to achieve a VCP 4 and then follow the VCP 4 to 5 upgrade path is still valid.

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