NCLDA Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator 10

This entry-level Linux certification gives you the administration skills you need to install, configure and manage a Linux desktop environment. You can leverage your Windows desktop experience to gain in-depth knowledge on tasks a Linux system administrator performs using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Linux desktops are becoming more prevalent in today’s networks, and employers are looking for administrators who know how to manage, deploy and integrate SUSE Linux Enterprise desktops in an existing network. A CLDA certification proves that you have the skills employers need. It’s easy to get started, click the tabs below for more information.

  • Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration

    5 Day Suse Linux Desktop Course - Gain familiarity with the core elements of Linux system administration with the focus on desktop administration

    5 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code N3086
    Scheduled Online Onsite

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