RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer

The Red Hat certification path contains two levels of certification, the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). Both are performance-based tests that measure actual competency on live systems.

The RHCE certification, called the "crown jewel of Linux certifications," proves an individual's ability to configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat OS.

Candidates should possess a valid RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician accreditation, or have attended the Fast Track course (see below) to enable them to take the 1-day RHCE Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer exam.

Candidates possesing this can then attend the 4-day Securing and Networking Red Hat Linux course after which they can take the RHCE 1-day exam. Passing this exam awards the RHCE certification.

Fast Track to RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer:

Experienced Linux/Unix administrators can attend the 4-day FastTrack to Red Hat Linux for Experienced LINUX/UNIX System Administrators course instead of Using Red Hat Linux, Administering Red Hat Linux and Securing and Networking Red Hat Linux. These candidates can then take the RHCE exam.

Whats the difference between an RHCT and RHCE?

An RHCT has proven technician-level competencies required to install, attach, configure, and manage new Red Hat systems on an existing production network. RHCTs are capable of performing the the core system administration common to all systems, regardless of whether they are workstations, servers, network devices, or some other kind of system. An RHCE has also proven these RHCT competencies, and has demonstrated that he or she can configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat OS.

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This certification is a prerequisite to the following courses

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