BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis


The Business Systems Development (BSD) qualification scheme provides a range of qualifications in three subject areas: Business Analysis, Systems Development and Data Management. 

Each subject area contains certificate level qualifications that may be combined into a Diploma. Candidates will be awarded a Certificate for each and every module that they pass. Each Diploma has a unique structure.

Candidates will be awarded the relevant Diploma once they have passed written examinations in the compulsory and specialist modules, and have passed an oral examination specialising in the particular Diploma subject area.

To gain the full BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis accreditation, delegates must take four courses and exams, and then pass an oral examination. The courses must be taken from the selection below and consists of two mandatory core courses, and then one knowledge-based course and one Practitioner course.  There is also a workshop on offer to help delegates prepare for the oral examination.

Core Modules: Both must be obtained.

Knowledge-based specialisms: Any one from the list below must be obtained.

Practitioner-based specialisms: Any one from the list below must be obtained.

Oral Examinations

Once candidates have obtained the appropriate number of modules for a Diploma, they will be eligible to sit an oral examination. The Oral will test the communication abilities of the candidate, their ability to apply knowledge to their own, or simulated, work environment.

It is anticipated that each oral will last for 45 minutes maximum and will involve 2 examiners.

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