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Course Code CWAAS
Duration 5 Days
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Course Description

This is a 5-day, instructor-led, lecture/lab course that teaches students how to design and implement WAN optimization and application acceleration using the Cisco WAAS family of products. Students will learn how to design a basic WAAS deployment and configure WAE devices, including traffic optimizations and file and print services.

In the lab, students will install and configure WAE devices, configure and test application traffic policies, and configure file and print services.


  • Explain the business value of WAN optimization and application acceleration technologies and understand the technologies employed by Cisco Wide Area Application Services to enable consolidation while improving application performance over the WAN
  • Design Cisco WAAS solutions, including network design, interception method and solution sizing.
  • Describe Cisco WAAS implementation, integration, and management

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for post and pre-sales audiences that are involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of Cisco’s WAE devices.

Course Modules

Cisco Wide Area Application Services (3 topics)

  • Cisco WAAS Overview
  • WAN Optimization Technical Overview
  • Application Acceleration Technical Overview

Designing Cisco WAAS Solutions (2 topics)

  • Network Design, Interception and Interoperability
  • Performance, Scalability, and Capacity Sizing

Implementation, Integration, and Management (5 topics)

  • Installing and Configuring the WAE
  • Configuring Traffic Interception
  • Cisco WAAS Central Management
  • Configuring Application Traffic Policies
  • Configuring Application Acceleration

Troubleshooting Cisco WAAS (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Network Interception
  • Troubleshooting WAN Optimization
  • Troubleshooting Application Acceleration


Valid CCNA CCNP is strongly recommended CCDA is required for SE's Fundamental Knowledge of Microsoft Windows networking technologies.

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Course Dates

CodeLocationDurationPrice Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
CWAAS 5 days $3,500
CWAAS 5 days $3,825
CWAAS 5 days $3,825
CWAAS 5 days $3,500




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