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This two-day instructor led course provides both Cisco and partner account managers who are new to Cisco with a conceptual understanding of Cisco products and solutions and a conceptual understanding of how to sell those products and solutions. This course is also for Account Managers that need to re-certify as a CSE.


Recognise the following Cisco Solutions:

- Campus LAN
- Wireless
- Optical Networking
- IP Telephony/IP Contact Center
- Storage Networking
- Content Storage
- Video
- High Speed Access (Global DSl and Cable)
- Security/VPN
- Network Management
- Service and Support

For each Cisco Solution category listed, account managers will be able to:

- Recognize the main business operational needs which require the solution
- Recognize the general IT solution for the operational needs
- Recognize the Cisco product families and series that make up the Cisco IT solution
- Explain the benefits of the Cisco solution
- Identify probing questions and other strategies which help identify a company's operational needs in order to position the optimal Cisco solution
- Recognize importance of complete sale
- Recognize how Cisco solutions can combine to meet customer needs
- Identify Cisco tools and resources available to help account managers succeed


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Why Cisco? (2 topics)

  • Cisco Background Information
  • Cisco Products and Solutions

Campus LAN (3 topics)

  • What is a Campus LAN?
  • Cisco Campus LAN Solutions
  • Campus LAN Opportunities

Wireless LAN (5 topics)

  • What is a wireless LAN?
  • Cisco wireless LAN solutions
  • Wireless LAN Opportunities
  • Wireless LAN Conclusion

WAN (3 topics)

  • What is a WAN?
  • Cisco WAN Solutions
  • WAN Opportunities

IP Telephony (4 topics)

  • What is IP Telephony?
  • Cisco IP Telephony Solutions
  • IP Telephony Opportunities
  • IP Telephony conclusion

Security and VPN (5 topics)

  • What is Network Security?
  • Cisco Security Strategy
  • Cisco Network Security Solutions
  • Network Security Opportunities
  • Network Security Conclusion

Network Management (4 topics)

  • What Is Network Management?
  • Cisco Network Management Solutions
  • Network Management Opportunities
  • Network Management Conclusion

Service and Support (4 topics)

  • What is Service and Support?
  • Cisco Service and Support Solutions
  • Service and Support Opportunities
  • Service and Support Conclusion

Optical Networking (2 topics)

  • What is Optical Networking?
  • Cisco Optical Networking Solutions

Storage Networking (2 topics)

  • What Is Storage Networking?
  • Cisco Storage Networking Solutions

Content Networking (2 topics)

  • What Is Content Networking?
  • Cisco Content Networking Solutions

Video (2 topics)

  • What Is Video?
  • Cisco Video Solutions

High-Speed Access (3 topics)

  • What Is High-Speed Access?
  • Cisco High-Speed Access Solutions
  • High-Speed Access Conclusion


This course is intended for newly hired Cisco Account Managers as well as newly hired Channel Partners/Resellers Account Managers. Also AMs that are due for re-certification.

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