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Course Code DCSNS
Duration 5 Days
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Course Description

This hands on workshop provides delegates with advanced skills in designing Cisco Storage Networks. Delegates will learn about the key features of the MDS 9000 platform, and how to leverage these features to build highly available, extensible, intelligent SANS.

DCSNS includes hands-on labs to familiarize students with basic MDS 9000 configuration procedures, and design workshops where students will learn to design multi-protocol enterprise SANs and SAN extension solutions.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the components, services, and features of the MDS 9000 platform that can be used to improve the availability, scalability, performance, and manageability of the SAN.
  • Design a multiprotocol SAN to meet a variety of customer requirements.
  • Design a SAN that enables storage consolidation.
  • Design a SAN security implementation that includes port and fabric security, secure management protocols, and role-based access control to meet security policy requirements.
  • Design a SAN extension solution that meets application availability, performance, and scalability requirements

Course Modules

Course Introduction (3 topics)

  • SCSI Overview
  • Fibre Channel Overview
  • MDS 9000 Hardware Installation Reference

MDS 9000 Platform Overview (5 topics)

  • MDS 9000 Platform Components
  • Intelligent Network Services
  • Integrated Management
  • Initial Switch Configuration
  • System Architecture

Designing SAN Fabrics (8 topics)

  • SAN Design Overview
  • Application Architecture
  • Designing Host Connectivity
  • Designing Storage Connectivity
  • Building the SAN
  • Designing Redundant Fabrics
  • Engineering SAN Traffic
  • Simplifying Device Management

Consolidating Storage in the Data Center (3 topics)

  • Consolidating Storage in the Data Center
  • Designing Interoperable SANs
  • Attaching iSCSI Hosts

Securing the SAN (2 topics)

  • Securing the SAN Fabric
  • Securing Management Interfaces

Designing SAN Extension Solutions (4 topics)

  • Analyzing Business Objectives
  • Connecting SANs with Optical Networks
  • Connecting SANs with IP Networks
  • Improving Performance, Availability, and Security


Basic understanding of data storage hardware components and protocols, including SCSI and Fibre Channel.




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