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Curriculum Unix
Course Code AN021AGB
Duration 5 Days
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Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the students to the features available with POWER6 Hardware, Hardware Management Console (HMC) v7, and an AIX 6 environment. This is accomplished by discussing the details associated with the POWER6 hardware and the AIX version 6 operating system. The hands-on labs provide additional exposure to the new environment.

This course is intended for AIX technical support individuals (system administrators, engineers, architects) responsible for purchasing, managing, and planning an IBM System p POWER6 server running the AIX 5L V5.3 TL6 (or greater) operating system with an HMC at version 7.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the POWER6 Hardware Architecture
  • Explore the HMC Version 7 Interface - Discuss and configure the new approaches to virtualization such as
  • Workload Partitions and Live Application Mobility
  • Discuss and configure virtualization enhancements such as Dedicated Shared Processor and Multiple
  • Shared pools (if supported)
  • Identify new security features
  • Discuss continuous availability options such as storage keys, and concurrent AIX Kernel update
  • Discuss the difference betwteen AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 Use IBM Systems Director for System p Administration

Course Modules

Overview (11 topics)

  • Overview of POWER6 Features
  • Hardware Management Console Version 7
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet
  • Processor Virtualization Enhancements
  • VIOS Enhancements
  • Partition Mobility
  • AIX Version 6.1 Overview
  • Workload Partitions
  • AIX 6 Security Features
  • IBM Systems Director Console for AIX


Students must have basic AIX and LPAR system administration experience. The AIX prerequisite may be met by attending one of the following courses or students may already have equivalent AIX skills: - AIX 5L System Administration I: Implementation (AU14) or - AIX 5L Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals (AW18) The LPAR prerequisite may be met by attending the following course or students may already have equivalent LPAR skills: - System p LPAR and Virtualization I: Planning and Configuration (AU73)

Additional Learning

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